Saturday, 21 January 2012

Family Room in London Hotels for Tourists Delight: Isn’t it?

If you are thinking to travel to city London with your family, don’t think twice, you will sure can very well freak in your Family rooms in London hotels and believe me you will never get bored.  Though you may not find many family rooms but they are available in many of them particularly towards central London.
You can very well find these rooms basically in four star and even in the chain hotels but these rooms hotels are very few, only one or two. So it is always preferred getting these rooms booked in advance to avoid any last minute hassle. In many of these rooms you may get additional services but for the same you had to pay extra charges. Some of the hotel owners also provide certain deals or discount offers too for special guests.

Rates of these rooms are very flexible as they range from extremely high to low. During peak season, the prices can even shoot up but at the same time get extremely reduced too during off season.  You can find all facilities in Family rooms in London hotels like additional beds, baby cots, and even special services for children like babysitting, provision for milk etc.

Just imagine when the cool breeze is blowing the streets of city London, or snow is dribbling and making its fantasy ice waves all over, in that situation if you have a cozy room with fire place in it, won’t it be amazing? Yes you will get all these experiences in your family rooms indeed.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Family Rooms in London Hotel to Have Your Day with River Thames

When sun dawns itself from the shores of River Thames, the beauty of it is an enigma of elucidation of our soul and the remembrance of our bygone era. Getting to stay near this river Thames is an experience in itself. Just imagine, as a visitor to London with your family, if you too got an opportunity to stay in the hotel towards its shores, it’s like living in the heart of what’s ancient London and modern.
Many English poets, writers and artists have captured the way River Thames has created magnetism to the city life of London. Now too it has become a hub of city attraction, with many recreational activities for the tourists. This river since ages also has been used for rowing championships like Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race and Henley Regatta. In Henley you can also find the River and Rowing Museum.
If you too want to become a part of the family of visitors to enjoy its extravaganza and spirit, then staying in family rooms along the River Thames is what you should seek for? There is consortium of London hotel family rooms, with some facing the River while others are at little distance. You can enjoy the river from your hotel rooms, with a good view of sunrise and be a part of activities by being water sporty.

Friday, 18 November 2011

It is a Pleasant Experience Staying In Family Rooms London

If you land in London with your Family, the foremost thing you would be looking is family rooms for all of you. Many hotels in London have special privileges and facilities to provide rooms for at least five members with most of them offering you special offers as well. There are though many hotels but the best ones I would like to mention about is The Sumner. It has 20 guest rooms with all decorated with beautiful color schemes,
I was also planning to visit London, but wondering where I will put up. But when I heard of Boutique hotels, I could not just resist myself but to book a room in the hotel. I just scrawled over whole internet and got perplexed to see so many hotels in London wit h most of them near Hyde Park where I would like to go. So I just confined my search around Hyde Park, yet there were many hotels around that area too. I just started exploring if there is any hotel which can provide family room for me, my hubby and two children at a reasonable rate and looks beautiful too. To my surprise I found Sumner.
Though there were many hotels better than Sumner but what makes it unique is its homely touch, with colorful yet serene settings yet equipped with all modern facilities and moreover comfortable beds. It is also most suitable as per rates and as far as its location goes.  I booked one room double king sized bed rooms which was uniquely beautiful and make you feel like as if you are sleeping on Royal beds. It was truly a pleasant experience while staying in Family rooms London.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Have Your Unforgettable Experience only in your London Hotel Family Rooms?

As you are travelling in the city London, you might have a wonderful experience if you get to have a family room in a hotel where you can enjoy leisure hours with your children and grand parents as well.
Many and now even boutique hotels are offering rooms which are particularly meeting the needs of families. They have more than two and even four to five beds also altogether in one room and many hotels offer extra beds if required. There can also be adjacent room for children to have their own independence allowing them at the same time to enjoy under the watchful eyes of their parents. Many hotels also have provision for separate cots for babies and privilege for babysitting while parents can have their own time. Special services like additional milk for babies, additional breakfast, washing, and ironing of clothes are also provided at a request.

If you are visiting London for the first time, hotel staff can guide you to the city London. Many hotels also organize special tours for heritage sites of London and even organize trips to the city landscapes. Many may also offer pleasant surprises for you with discount offers.
The only tip is however to lookout for the discount offers in these hotels and book the London Hotel Family Rooms in advance if you are planning to visit during holidays as all rooms can get easily filled up. This may leave you disappointed as you have to land in a room which may not be of your taste and liking.
Let us London lovers make our stay in London a grand fair and give our family members a royal unforgettable experience by planning in advance.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Make Your Day in Family Rooms in London Hotels

Each one of us travelling overseas with our families obviously would like to have a dwelling in London boutique hotels.  Many of these hotels room can accommodate two people and some two with children but when your family is large and want to enjoy your holiday together, no place is better than Family rooms in London hotels.
It is not quite often easy to find the right hotel for you as the ones you have selected might have been booked already due to the heavy festive rush season. In this situation, you will have to land in any hotel where the room is available but it may not be of your liking.  In this situation, the best for you is to book the room in advance and believe me as soon as you land in the hotel with advance booking, you are sure to get the stay you will never forget all your life.
Here I would specially like to mention about Comfort Inn Buckingham Palace Rd which has one of the best family rooms in London hotel. Each of its room has special amenities and complete comfort. This hotel has renovated rooms to easily accommodate at least three people. Even London Bloomsbury also provides the best suit for families.
But not to forget is The Sumner.  Located at the close proximity to Hyde Parke, it provides rooms having king and queen sized beds and even deluxe rooms to adjust at least three to four adult members. In some of these rooms, you can order for extra beds also.
So what are waiting for? If you would like to enjoy London in its full spree during Christmas, book your family rooms fast before it is too late.

Monday, 31 October 2011

My Experience with Family rooms in Sumner

I would like to share the enjoyable moments of my visit to London last week. The room in which I had stayed was very spacious, fit for the family of five. Beautiful inner d├ęcor and king-sized beds added to the royalty of this room. The room was adequately equipped with all facilities for the entire family.

I can say proudly that there are very few places where you can find the kind of hotel room I had. To add to the facilities, it also had mini bar with well stocked goodies with reasonable rates. Its buffet breakfast, provided to us, was also extraordinary good, as they had taken special care of its taste, variety and cleanliness. To my surprise, my children who are always fussy to have the breakfast also enjoyed this morning delicacy.

To add to their delight, they also have a computer in a lounge room. My children would just rush to the room to play computer games while we both would plan our next day schedule. When we asked for the extra beds, the friendly and courteous staff provided us with the same.

Even during the rush season we were lucky to have the family rooms in london hotel for my whole family to spend our time fantastically.  And moreover we also got to have this room at very reasonable rates if we compare with other hotels

There are though many Boutique hotels in London having family rooms and that too offering with great deals but if you get both beauty and comfort at one place and that too within your budget then why would you go to other place. Sumner naturally provides you with the same.